For discovery and changed theory
use the vagaries of a random brain.
While the vagrant’s organ
has succumbed to addiction
and duels with a vacuous mind.

The chosen brain elicits original thoughts
at spontaneous and chaotic moments,
in disconnected and impulsive ways,
leading to a belief in the lottery of life.

Fate, luck, chance—influence choice.
Gamble in the universal casino.
Risk the stakes on uncertainty.
Wager your winnings on a certain try.
Prove your calculations.
Winner takes all—
on the croupier’s call.
The sure bet disappears
like the cancelled folders
of a failed experiment

It depends where I observe from—
as to what I will see.
Is it dictated or decided?
That is up to me.
Arbitrary truths
planned or instinctive
peruse the index of option
and the thesaurus of select.
Distraction can dispel
the designated decision.

Ripples of predestination.
More than a single meaning.
Realms of multiple preference.
Act, participate, observe.
Enact an action.
Play the part of the theorist.
Represent the experiment.
Change the boundaries.
Transform the parameters.
Shake the solutions.
Question the information.
Alter the hypothesis.

Finding when not looking.
Encountering one, when seeing another.
Be aware of the fortunate accident.
Welcome the daring idea.

The blurred cloudy dim dusk
will rise to reveal, announce and disclose
edifying results that chart the graphs.
Educate, elevate, and enlighten.
Improve, inform, and instruct.
Always expect an alteration.
Dismiss certainty with experience.
Know that nothing endures.