Participatory Universe

Watch the witness of time
the experiment in its entirety
detect the entity evaporate
observation of the object obsolete
nothing visible—nothing seen.

Information does not stand
without consideration planned.
If you can look at it after the event,
you can glimpse the past—as subsequent.
The Ministry of Information
needs some urgent confirmation.
Our time-space position is compatible
and anything is therefore possible.
Location is a space-time position.
The Universe is in transition.
Observers choose—how, where, when, why—
as they search across the nighttime sky.

Intelligence—doesn’t mean the creator—
but sequential brilliance evermore.
As the scientist works with revised intentions—
opinions bring in new dimensions.
A change in wisdom as a validity.
A theory improved due to fragility.
Whether micro or macro, it has a nice harmony;
too much or too little could have missed the right symphony.
Seeking stability—a delicate balance is achieved.
Continuous equilibrium is what we now need.
Banish all the upsets—we do not need this strife—
but fundamental forces which are fine-tuned for life.

The Universe is as it is.
To say much more is hubris.
Observers are necessary for the Universe to be?
It depends how they observe and also what they see.
Does mathematics rule the Universe with a handicap?
Or is it a game of chance, fed by a diet of pap?*
Is this measurement one of neglect—
or is the difference between see and detect?
The message of the quantum locked inside the box—
says—via the poet—”It’s full of paradox.”
Whether or not the quantum state is on
is a function of learning and information.

Does the photon pass the barrier as a particle or a wave?
Or as it passes through—does it misbehave?
Does the particle partly participate—
and then continue to a change of state?
Maybe particle and wave have learned to share—
and fooled the observer who sees nothing there.
A change from particle to wave and back again?
To the watching witness this is not made plain.
Past the double slit—what have you seen?
An evaluation or an ad hoc routine?
Are particle and wave actually two in one—
behaving with the dichotomy suited to a photon?
Maybe wave and particle share a parity?
Discover such a link—this can or cannot be !

Natural selection evolves, changes and adapts—
because lack of evolution could lead to collapse.
The atomic world we observe—the material world we see,
are identified in our brains as our own reality.
The many answers possible—and the many questions
are determined by our neuron connections.
Is it a particle, or where one has been?
Chosen by delayed choice—what have I seen?
If it doesn’t leave a track, it can’t be observed.
A shining path invisible—don’t be absurd !
Long after a big bang when collisions shatter,
we find dualism in the cosmos—of mind and matter.

If the eye is the mechanism of sight,
does the brain interpret the visuals all right?
Is it a question of perception
if the cells are led to deception?
We hope that by vision, events are revealed,
but by unawareness they are concealed.
If the brain interprets what we see,
can we trust that explicitly?
Then how is it we explain—
to a non-comprehending brain?



* pap = participatory anthropic principle