Backward Time

Backward time isn’t deconstruction.
It is retrieved memory in composition.
Clear and coherent in context
but sometimes played upon a different stage.
Past thoughts and events re-crystallized
by electrical and chemical commands.
A daydream or a sleep dream
composed and edited.
We do go back in time via our brain cells.

A clarity in reconstruction.
Time reversal is not breaking down.
We cannot rebuild the intangible.
A memory is chemically remembered,
in time’s backward glance.
But in a malfunctioning mind
wires are tangled by cognitive failure
and we dwindle in a present fraction.
That brief and ephemeral second of—now—
is so fleeting, transient, and evanescent.

I care not whether time is a dimension or a variable
or moves as you measure it.
It takes but a trice to reduce time
to the past, and compact decades
into the momentary present—
in that instant when previous reappears.

As you walk across the elusive bridge
and numerous years recede
and regenerate as a brief pause;
an action of participation
erases the in-between time.
Time evolves as we converse
and enchants us as we recall.

The previous duet of our souls
is replaced by dumb exchange.
I screen out the particles of discontent
but waves of interference prevent acceptance.
If light is by interference seen—
then dark will show where it has been.

I seek adjacent history in a parallel universe.
I learn to adapt to that dichotomy,
and to choose my path accordingly.
From the concrete of many worlds
to the dark of many heavens.
I am enlightened by a dim glimmer.
Strong emotion is the fiery signal
as synapses touch and fire overtime.
Preserved as the nucleus synthesizes
those past precious memories.
If the event is a bore, the nucleus won’t store!

The whole is not allowed accessibility.
Music stirs a recumbent memory
and stimulates a relevant response.
Words arouse the visuals in the mind’s eye.
A scent flies fleetingly on memory’s trail.

Time is in the hands of the observer.
It is there that the decision is made.
When you smooth the ragged edges of vision
light illuminates the pertinent present.
Gaze at the past with eyes of experience
and shine the spotlight of many stars
on the rediscovered subject.
The double spiral is a fractal
Of re-birth and re-death.
There is a point at which galaxies
will, or will not, collide.
Dark is the energy of opposition.
Does that matter?
Ask the universal catalyst.

The re-union meeting is already there.
The destination precedes the journey.
Decide how to travel when you arrive.
Use freedom of choice.