Alone with my imagination
and links of creativity
I can conjure up the stars
in a daytime sky
and expose their secrets
with an artist’s eye.

The artist interprets life.
The scientist analyzes it.
The artist expresses with emotion.
The scientist deduces with a formula.
The artist demonstrates meaning.
The scientist annotates results.
The artist translates the idea.
The scientist scrutinizes the figures.
The artist illuminates the reaction.
The scientist elucidates the response.
The artist examines the human condition.
The scientist defines it.
The artist unravels emotion.
The scientist infers from it.
The artist unbalances the equation.
The scientist solves it.

The artist is enraptured by a flower.
The scientist inspects its parts.
The artist savours the colour and scent.
The scientist probes their purpose.
The artist appreciates the varying shades.
The scientist defines the pigments.
The artist tries to capture the flower.
The scientist dissolves it for analysis.
The artist uses light and dark.
The scientist experiments with photons.

The artist paints a portrait.
The scientist studies skull structure.
The artist depicts the person.
The scientist evaluates the personality.
The artist sees the expressions.
The scientist reasons the changes.
The artist finds the person behind the face.
The scientist diagnoses a brain scan.
The artist includes irregular features.
The scientist separates uneven from the norm.
The artist uses facial reactions.
The scientist surveys them.
The artist is charmed by a smile.
The scientist breaks it down to component parts.

The artist delights in experiment.
The scientist utilizes it.
The artist celebrates diversity.
The scientist decodes it.
The artist illustrates feelings.
The scientist tracks their reactions.
The artist revels in variety.
The scientist deciphers it.

The artist considers phenomena.
The scientist accounts for them.
The artist scans the horizon.
The scientist dissects it.
The artist marvels at our planet.
The scientist measures it.
The artist writes poems about it.
The scientist studies it mechanically.
The artist describes the many facets of it.
The scientist examines the data collected.
The artist is awestruck.
The scientist charts many graphs.
The artist dreams of the heavens.
The scientist explains the universe.
The artist stares at constellations.
The scientist investigates them.

The artist celebrates a finished work.
The scientist tests the next hypothesis.
Both are martyrs to imagination.
Is the artist analogous,
is the scientist similar,
do they correspond?
Yes, they can resemble and compare.
For fertile minds you need cross-pollination.
Everybody needs inspiration and intuition.
Artist and scientist are bonded by observation