Would that I could use causality
to change the foolish past
to grasp and grip reality
amend mistakes that last.

Change the morphology of behaviour
coded in our genes?
The propagation of the saviour
is not all that it seems.

Gods and men have made a grave error
with their planet and their home.
Unbalanced the workings of nature,
upset cycles, an extinction syndrome.

With hubris and unchallenged greed
people have changed the scene.
They gave in to want—not need.
The planet should be green.

Our world has been reduced to dregs,
Damage, destruction, and wantonness.
We now have the four deadly pegs—
power, ego, greed and selfishness.

In retrospect it all began
with the dominance of man.
Woman did not fight or rule—
she was patriarchy’s silent fool.

But even with the men in charge
the planet could handle discharge.
The deviation seemed to come
with technology’s rampant boom.

Earth’s resources had to ignite
to feed this giant’s appetite.
Plunder and scourge, dig and drain.
There was an insatiable diet to sustain.

The runaway engines needed to procure
all the energy sources and heat for more.
But nobody sees we have made our own tomb—
all this so-called progress is nothing but doom.

So what can the goddess of nature now do
to prevent the death of the planet, and you?
She sees inevitability
but hopes for creativity.

Now evils are spread all over the earth
the prognosis is for plant and animal dearth.
The actions we made were our disaster,
instead of a paradise we have dystopia.

There are many evils we can’t escape
addicted to juice of the poppy and grape.
We must solve the riddle of addiction
if our control is to be fact—not fiction.

We have created our own chimera
and are unable to stop the monster!
It has caused death and destruction
is it the end of our civilization?

We have made a route to destroy all life
the oracle sees conflict and strife.
There is no one method for our salvation
we may have to accept—ruination.

With all our wisdom, ourselves we defame
and realize that we must bear the blame.
One dominant truth to accept we need
to see the folly of ego and greed.

Is all of this problem reversible?
Can we just be more sensible?
Does the goddess see a solution here?
For most of mankind to disappear?

Whether Atlantis was a place
or is a state of mind—
destruction by man’s foolishness
or eruption killed mankind?

Its story was unfinished
Plato cut off in mid-line
a legend thus avoided
for future sages to define.

You take the evidence given
say all things are possible.
Ask if it’s certain to happen,
we are not infallible.