Nature’s Chaotic Balance

Prince William at 21 (Two Faces)
Prince William at 21
(Two Faces)

I know that when I submerge
in a summer perennial garden
I am adoring asymmetry.
The tangles and convolutions of greens
and familiar colours—shout at symmetry.

Nature embraces Chaos
and no forced computer model
will project her behaviour.
She is gloriously unruly.
She has the sparkling spontaneity of youth.
But the rigid conformity of old age
can be found in her atomic levels,
where structure and form
obey some of the rules.
She can be reduced to mathematics
but not defined by it.
Describing her with numbers
compels a mutiny—
and her many cycles spin
into revolution.
She supervises harmony
and organizes the Chaos.
She is full of surprises
and keeps them all guessing.

Beware the balance upset.
If you ravage her domain
and assault her sphere of influence,
violate her planet,
rape all the resources.
Then you will see Chaos
descend into confusion.
And turmoil and tumult
will result.