By the fertility given from a soil which is loam.
By a waterfall’s billowing turbulent foam.

By the swift sight of a swallow’s fall.
By the familiar coo of a dove’s constant call.

By the black filigree of horizon trees.
By the spiral breath of a spring breeze.

By the concentric circles of falling rain.
By the alternate patterns of a leaf’s vein.

By the grey layers of the morning mist.
By the soft bruise when you are kissed.

By the organic smell—first message of spring.
By the speeding glimpse of a hummingbird’s wing.

By the coarse calls of an arrogant crow.
By the arched colours of the spectrum’s rainbow.

By the field call of a single curlew.
By the straight spike of delphinium blue.

By the perfume of a cream magnolia bloom.
By a perennial garden growing in June.

By the salty taste when you jump in the waves.
By the swooshing sound in seaside caves.

By the anticipation of a rose garden’s scent.
By a mallard’s feathers—green iridescent.

By the designs of a butterfly’s wing when it settles.
By the random blood of a poppy field’s petals.

By the aroma of lavender fresh from the field.
By the sweet juice that a plum will yield.

By the rippled waves of wind in the wheat.
By the beach sand ridges under your feet.

By the plaintiff call of a whale diving deeper.
By the climbing fire of Virginia creeper.

By that glow when evening turns to night.
By the formation of geese in full flight.

By the colours and smells of a seasonal change.
By the yearly divisions which give us this range.

By nature’s beauty I am in awe—
and my five senses which help me explore.

But I discover when I read through these lines
that it is sight which dominates my mind.