We Are Moved

Through ten dimensions
manipulation of events and time
stage-managed history.
We are being moved and directed
prompted and reminded
that we have an agenda play
to perform
and we are being led to a conclusion.

We are rushing towards the film cutter’s floor
leading edited lives
clipped and censored celluloid strips,
or digitally deleted.
It is no accident
that change develops as it does
as life’s editor decides
how to cut and paste events
working from instructions—
the master plan unfolds.

Prompted by paranoia
patrolled boundaries are guarded
to keep out alien infiltration
and protect the status quo.

Read the lies of history
the story slanted by the teller.
A reported story is:
or cover up.
Taught as truth
but redeemed as fiction.
Ignore it—at your peril.

Game pieces moved on a universal board
fight struggle co-operate,
but do not communicate.
Check one another—
side step—
block win lose—
birth life death—
you cannot stop—
the certainty syndrome.