We were the custodian guardians of this planet
and we neglected our duty;
we wrote the death sentence for Earth.
A habitat that yearned for mutual understanding and symbiotic grace
was tortured and raped beyond recognition.
Nemesis sleeps while the equilibrium is destroyed.

Scratch the patina of time
and see the patterned pretensions of a specious species.
The tyranny of man’s stamp on his surroundings.

Gaia sees and feels
the visual terrorism of urban sprawl;
the terrible beauty
that is not redeemed by distance—
an aesthetic disaster area
that sadly illustrates the despotism of man.

The excreted excrescence of population.
The industrial avalanche that has buried her children.
The pollution affliction that smothered the blue planet.
She waits in the Erebus[1] zone
and reads the agenda of doom.

[1] The place in the Underworld through which the souls of the dead must pass to reach Hades.