The doom fairy beats her leaden wings.
Trapped by the guilt sprite
paranoia pixie
and stress imp,
who have bound down
a stranded Gulliver.

The black dog of depression
lowers his gaze.
Ondine’s curse persuades the eyes
to keep asleep
or wake and dread the dawn.
Fear the joy mode,
withdraw from laughter
into a constant anxiety sphere.
Fend off the dark planet
with nothing but
a fatalistic matchstick
and a worry prod.

Carefree is an elusive state
and the luxury of relaxation
only appears in
other people’s eyes.

Fear of the engulf elf
whips the despair spin
into a churning obsession
which mangles and shreds
the sense of self esteem
into a frenzy of internal terrorism,
and burdens the weary ego
with another frantic reason
not to function.

The arena of anguish
displays a distraught slave
in dismal oblivion.
Strung out for the gladiator’s
final blow.

Reach for emancipation.
Grasp the smallest atom of hope
and seek help!