Global Warning

Talk about the weather
a general global comment.
A cold spell
a hot spell
floods of rain
rising temperatures
melting ice caps
storm warnings—
the veering vortices of
a tornado tear the landscape.

Ocean currents on a great conveyor belt.
Planetary winds deflected.
A carbon cycle disrupted.
The ozone layer depleted.
Odden’s tongue diminished.
A warning
of global warming.

Savannah animals
and swimmers on a cave wall
in a parched Sahara.
Drastic weather changes cause cultures to crumble.
The churning ocean currents
can change direction.
The circulating atmosphere
shapes or breaks
El niño—la niña.

The wind and water
pattern swirls
around our world
point towards
growth or destruction.
Gaia’s painted omen,
from the vision of
the changing galactic environment.