By design I see bifurcation in structures
as diverse as delta, tree and blood vessel.
Agate contours that transfer to space detection.
A mountain chain seen in a rockpool.
Indulge in the visual hedonism
of examining the world’s optical code.

Rivers shaped by the dynamics of flow.
The erosional filigree of aquatic fingers.
The crescent curve of an ox-bow lake
lying outside the meander of a middle aged river;
reaching ultimately towards
the lotus bloom of a delta.
Poseidon’s trident.
Where the groped patterns of silted tributaries
coloured by leached salts
sit in labyrinthine boundaries
lamenting that time in their youth
when they were the aquamarine cascades
of a waterfall.

In dehydrated zones evaporation reveals
a tracked trellis of dried mud.
A raised patchwork—the handiwork of
extreme climate factors,
which consume ground water
and display a crazy paving grid.
The crusty mosaics of a salt desert
with colourful efflorescences.
Crystalline petals of yellow red and white
blooming in ridged margins.
In the sandy desert—
the smooth semicircular eclipse dunes
shift in a directional change
scripted by the wind;
whose regal roar sculpts the sandscape.

From the earth’s magma core
a fluid strata spews
to replenish the erosion results.
Finding its way through seared trenches,
the molten river branches
where Vulcan outlines the route.
The hot liquid flow
paints a red and orange glow
forking towards destruction
by order of Agni Pele Fuchi and Vesta.

The jungle canopy
oozes viridian and moisture
towards a parched world
via an azure sky
scrawled with a calligraphy of clouds.
An equatorial gift.
A transpiration present.

The green fringed boundaries
of terraced fields.
The geometric network pattern
of ploughed prairies.
The farmer’s palette paints nature’s diagram
and plants design in lush field structures
that mirror the cell contents of spirogyra.
Verdant fragments of stripes and swirls
pattern the landscape
and reach towards cultivation,
where the irrigation director
dictates the way—
and cunningly deceives
the evaporation curse.

Dusty savannahs where animal trails
resemble the creases on an elephant’s hide.
Acres of sunflowers rotate to greet the light
in a choreography of yellow movement.
Their spiral faces, a Fibonacci ballet.
The tree, the wood, the grove, the forest,
display fractal patterns that multiply towards infinity.

The miniature is magnified.
Microcosm reveals macrocosm,
and gyrates in the vice versa dance.