The Dynamics Dance

There is a designated precision
in the universe
also present on our planet.
An evolution of will and desire
that fires up the alley of discovery
and pushes man to pursue an idea
and directs his decisions in the dance of dare.

A whirl to the music of the universe
where movements are pre-programmed
to finely tuned brains
and the pounding rhythm throbs
to a priestly direction.
Shamanic supervision.

Life patterns repeated
in single time spun sequences
which the priestess nurtures
and manipulates to fractal directions,
designed by the universal architect.

Where the part replicates the whole
and repeats to infinity.
Add random to the equation
and watch the tree grow
in a green gavotte.

Phi[1] is the choreographer.
Nature and mathematics intertwine
in a complementary ballet.
Beautiful revolutions pirouette
turned by a golden numerical key
and a random catalyst
which waltzes into variation
and quicksteps to repeated patterns
which dart into a Mandelbrot tango.

[1] Phi—1.6180339887…, the Golden Ratio number.