The Sweeping Fire of Creativity

The duet of creativity – mind and intellect.
They have a subtle cooperation.
Mind contemplates an idea or theme.
Intellect structures the thoughts
into suitable sections and finds vocabulary
necessary to describe a wayward fancy.
Sometimes mind is amazed at the
readiness and organisation of intellect,
but stays at the borders of chaos
neither ordered nor random.
An in-between state waiting for
that small change which precipitates
a pretty pattern of neurons,
cascading and surging,
distributing bursts of creativity.

At a time when random locations are in harmony
and a critical state is maximised,
creativity is focussed and must not be disturbed.
An observation tract acute and full
must not be in overload or it will spill.

But a distraction between mind and intellect
can be a catalyst for creativity.
Feelings and sensitivity from all directions
in a whirlpool of mind’s emotional turmoil
may leave intellect in a tunnel-visioned position
or balanced on a periphery.
Information and choice, spread, not focussed.
A dialogue of novel and original ideas.