How did the idea metamorphose
was there a thought to diagnose
was it something to recognise
or did it come as a surprise
was it a concept to be understood
or a notion altered as you would
a feeling from some mysterious source
in a neuron chain to run its course?
There is a suspicion of genetic memory
with the brain cells as part of our heredity.

An instinct, an insight with origin unknown
that propels you towards wisdom alone
a sudden distinctive realisation
from some subconscious revelation.
First thoughts on waking from unconscious sleep
when brain neurons at night were digging deep.
Time’s events that were a rearrangement
a dream vision of some amazement.
That special moment of first awaking
with an awareness in the making.
The ability not to erase that first thought
when a submerged message might be taught.
That driving urge to investigate
with backup material to relate.
That first idea, maybe taking shape,
if you prevent its ability to escape;
and feed it with some linear time
away from the tendency to resign,
dragging from recirculation,
illustrating some transmigration
knowing that some recycled ideas
may not appear again for years.

Have you had an experience called intuition,
or a bizarre feeling named a premonition?
Do you feel pulled in a certain direction
with a faulty thought needing correction?
What is the origin of this strange director,
to lead and guide as a hidden protector,
to instruct a route to investigation
or encourage your own realisation?
Make sure the interpretation is your own
and you have not been used as a siphon.