English Haiku—Various Topics 5-7-5

In competition
only one person will win
try tenacity

Give criticism
not of a destructive type
kindly constructive

Asking—how are you
when you do not want to know
is not politeness

Balance of power
is the immediate clue
to stability

The Stone Age has gone
how much have we since progressed
not in the art work

Check marks in boxes
are not evaluation
they are simplistic

Climate change severe
the signs can be evasive

There will be no change
ignorance indifference
and inertia rule

A redundant word
that does not cover the harm
that sorry has done

React carefully
as you cannot saw sawdust
what is done is done

Things that were not said
words thoughts that were not spoken
neither would then know

Innocent flirting
is more satisfactory
than a fleeting fuck

Creative people
never quite believe
they did what they did

The whistleblower
shows us all the corruption
as do the watchdogs

The process of life
is one of problem solving
trial failure success

Go from structure to
unstructured and back again
for a growing brain

Learning is life long
to overcome ignorance
and be much aware

A generation
hooked on the digital world
not the natural

The world digitised
so that we need not really
experience it

So nothing happened
yet something must have happened
everything happened

Performing arts are
tied to degrees of talent
not visual arts

Does the actor hide
behind the played character
or tell who they are

Is it what they show
or is it what is hidden
that is then revealed

Each new character
is a different challenge
for involved actors

The actor strives to
leave the interpretation
with the audience

It’s not what is said
for depth of understanding
but what is not said

Flattery is used
by reward seeking people
on the gullible

Facts can be picked up
but opinions have to
be carefully formed

The glass half empty
is obviously half used
it is not half full

Fifty years ago
life was not complicated
but happier then

When did reporting
get sidetracked by the misplaced
and sensational

between comment and complaint
only one suggests

One cannot forgive
when wickedness can triumph
over innocence

A civilized man
is not led by his penis
but is by his brain

Civilized woman
not led by her ovaries
but a thinking brain

Why be spectator
when the fun is to be had
by the activity

If sex is easy
and relationships are hard
then communicate

My opinion
don’t ask me unless you do
really want to know

At ludicrous times
satire loses its impact
and ability

Sarcasm is made
in inappropriate dress
designed for some stress

Disappointment can
diminish further effort
and magnify doubt

There is a man’s face
in Monet’s Water Lilies
hiding in the clouds

The name boyfriend
is for friendship and romance

My generation
has seen more changes occur
than any era

Cultural crisis
when art no longer inspires
but alienates

A commodity
art with inflated value
auctioned for profit

If you look at art
and think that it is a mess
it probably is

Paint splashes and daubs
are colour experiments
and not works of art

Is it a surprise
twentieth-century art
is easy to fake

There is a fine line
between just being helpful
and interfering

I like the motto
of Essex County
many minds one heart

To avoid conflict
try to communicate more
build frustration less