The heavens have torn, skies have split apart
and the sun and moon have been swallowed.
It is obliterated blue turned to black
and no stars shine in this dark disaster.

An atmosphere of apocalyptic ash
covered and choked in swirling clouds
a suffocated devastated ground.
The sky has fallen in grey and black destruction.

Hot molten trenches of moving magma
oozing fiery orange, glow and flow
over a previously fertile soil
hardened to black blankets of volcanic rock.

Earth covered and scalded by hot water
which has disappeared to steam
and evaporated within a darkened sky
which no longer carries clouds.

The crack and boom of endless earthquakes
tearing apart all earthly territories
in an act of total global demolition.
Everything cataclysmically eradicated.

Trees have fallen into charcoal trunks
with burnt stumps on blackened roots.
Liquid crystal lakes that once glistened
now lie under sliding layers of slime and sludge.

There are burned charred and cindered corpses
curled into crumbling embryonic poses,
victims of a natural brutal catastrophe
engulfed and torn by terrible temperatures.

There is a universal quietness, a silent stillness.
Nothing exists in this barren and broken landscape,
or moves in a featureless colourless swamp.
All life eliminated with no resurrection.

The Earth’s mantle has disintegrated
with the violent catastrophic eruptions.
A continental destruction
with absolute annihilation.