Piers FitzThomas Butler

It was said that Thomas had illegitimate children
and that there were actually twelve of them.
Of the three that he had with his wife
only the daughter had a long life.

There was a favourite illegitimate son,
but he died before Tom in 1601.
His name was Piers FitzThomas Butler
and he did marry and have an heir.

People said in Ireland, locally
that Piers, born illegitimately,
was actually the son of the English Queen,
fathered by Thomas in a place clandestine.

October 1 1553
saw the coronation of Queen Mary.
Elizabeth was included in the celebration.
Did she and Thomas have an assignation?

By Christmas to Ashridge House she did return.
In January, there was the Wyatt Rebellion.
By February, there was a pregnancy rumour.
It was going to be a stressful year.

Taken to the Tower, afraid and angry,
how would this affect any pregnancy?
Her statements of refute were bold.
Wyatt exonerated her on the scaffold.

She was released from the Tower in May
and arrived at Woodstock the following day.
She was placed there under house arrest,
her faithful servants did their best.

There she was offered the services of a physician.
She said that was certainly not her decision.
“I am not minded to make any stranger privy
to the state of my body.”

The offer of a physician, was documented, why?
Was there a baby born to her in July?
If so, it would have needed utmost secrecy
because in 1554 Mary awaited a pregnancy.

‘By tradition’ said Dictionnaire de la noblesse[1]
about the names of the parents of Piers FitzThomas.
Thomas Ormond was listed as father there
and Queen Elizabeth noted, “fût sa mere.”

When Piers died in 1601
he left behind three sons.
There was a title in store for Edward, his boy;
in 1646 he became 1st Viscount Galmoye.

[1] Dictionnaire de la noblesse, Volume III,  2nd Edition, Paris 1771 (388)