Space Junk? The Helen Repulsive Factor

I came across a 2002 file in 2015
and wondered what new discoveries were seen.
It stimulated questions I had often asked
and produced some answers from my past.

So here is my old hypothesis
about the movement of galaxies.
I had always been interested in galaxy collision.
This article gave further nutrients to my vision.

On a November day in 2002,
I could not find any news that was new.
I looked for anything worth reading
when I saw that two black holes were colliding.

Now, there was something to think about
and produce a reason or a doubt.
The galaxy NGC 6240 information
needed some more explanation.

Two bodies which exist in space
have the potential to displace.
At some point they will or will not collide,
either to tangle or to hide.

That position would be at a neutral point,
either to stay single or to be joint.
I needed a formula for this,
a mathematical way to express.

I asked my husband to assist,
he once was a physicist.
I can say what are the semantics,
but can’t write the mathematics.

He said, from what I described so far,
he could call the equation the “H” factor.
I wanted to say the neutral boundary occurs when
the conditions arrive at this equation.

When   GMm/r2= HMm/rx

What else would I like to declare
to also qualify it with  – where –?
Where “x” is a number less than but close to 2.
Is that specific enough for you?

H is the Helen repulsive factor.
My name designated not an attractor!
And then to be somewhat insistent
that H is less than G – the gravitational constant.

Basically, the galaxies will move away
when the HRF comes into play.
If the neutral boundary is reached,
attraction has then been breached.

Thus, within the boundary galaxies can collide,
but the repulsive force prevents this outside.
The galaxies may move away from each other
and the Universe expands forever.

Within our Local Group is a converging attraction
of connecting galaxies in huge collision.
Outside more than 10 million light years, of course,
repulsion takes over as the dominant force.

Inside that 10-million light year boundary
gravitation is stronger and more hungry.
The speeding Universe as a situation
has the HRF, causing acceleration.

If scale counts with dynamic influence
galaxies will merge or move away as consequence.
Forces are different locally
than those universally.

Newton said that more kinds of forces shouldn’t be denied
than those with which he was supplied.
Particles of bodies could be at attracted and then cohere,
or they could be repelled and not come near.

Have I seen any updates on galaxy collision
that would necessitate an HRF revision?
There was new information on galactic magnetic fields,
but nothing about galactic collision shields.

And so my old hypothesis was resurrected
with the same ideas recollected.
Instead of further finds about galaxy collision,
I found magnetic galactic fields were a new distraction.

I think that the HRF may have already been considered,
but I could not find the equation numbered.
So, for now, my Helen Repulsive Factor
will suffice to be my only answer.

Newton spoke of – “vain fictions of our own devising.”
This is not at all surprising.
The HRF – you may not agree with this,
as I know it is just an hypothesis.