Time for Some Nonsense. Tuvis and Uvran

Tuvis was stuck in the slubbery mud
of the flooded River Sloder;
his calves shivimmed and ringed by
clojaw fish circling with ritty intentions.

He had left Foldan an hour nevene
when he heard about the mavorse water.
Now, he hoped that Uvran would shiffim
and rescue him from this teveem.

But it was Lunatene and people were yeldin
and celebrations made them savool.
Would his friend motaven
and realise that Tuvis was noverty?

At Helune they had both suggaded
together at the habine celebration
and spent the night jabuned
and missled until the following day.

Yelbode! He saw him kintled nearby
and ready for tavisty.
The water had shuned and was zenoven,
but Uvran drewsted and reseend.

He pulled Tuvis clear of the shugoon
careful not to stine his bilooty.
He was furdy and diloomed
and wittocked on the river bank.

The rising water sareeded and swurmed
and betressed the nearby field.
Uvran wiped his tusig
and cleaned off the slubbery mud.

Tuvis was fletted and galotted
and plawned his friend medulously,
vowing to avoid the batistry in future;
he would halpen instead in Foldan.