Where is harmony found in the human face
is it in perfect proportions
or the oddity of a single feature
the distance between the eyes and mouth
the length size and shape of the nose
the depth or shallowness of the chin
the thickness of the lips
or the colour and size of the eyes?

Is phi found anywhere, is there
a divine proportion or golden ratio?
There could be endless discussions or opinions.

The charm is not to be found in perfection,
but in the face of both sexes – an indentation.
Either below the corners of the mouth
or in the cheeks or chin,
a dimple is hollowed out,
which gives endless fascination.

Taking place during embryonic development
in the subcutaneous connective tissue
facial muscles become slightly shortened
due to an irregular dominant genetic defect.
It might be orchestrated by chromosomes.
Do not be deterred by biological jargon
because there is such a pretty result.
Also in the chin, an underlying bony peculiarity,
due to asymmetry in the right and left jawbone.
That genetic defect becomes a very attractive cleft.

Mythology says that when a dimpled baby was born,
an angel touched both cheeks with a fingertip,
showing a holy print with every smile;
no defect, just a pretty divot.
In Persian literature it was a sign of beauty,
trapping a potential love in those wells
and sealing that captured moment.
The old saying – “dimple on the chin, devil within” –
was probably because they got everything.
A poet writing of deep melancholy
had to give way to another depression
when thinking of his lover’s smile,
making another mood more worthwhile.

And there, in another erotic place,
two dimples that do not await a smile.
Adorning the lower back, two wells
attract a lover’s prolonged gaze,
above either side of the clefted buttocks.
Those two small symmetrical hollows
indented in the lower lumbar area;
specifically, sacral dimples.
Known as – The Dimples of Venus –
sacred to the cult of Aphrodite.