The Search

What is thought?
What is imagination?
What is feeling?
Who am I?
Where is the room
for my god
in the poverty cave
where I am him
and he is me?

Leave prayer.
Abandon thought.
Find the void.
Experience the aloneness
of being alone.

Immerse yourself
in your depths.
Bathe in the abyss.

Recover peace.
Find your shredded heart
and save yourself
by the blinding light
which strikes
the inner mystery.

Entirely nothing
filled to fullness.
Blended nucleus.
Discover the source
of yourself.
“The whole universe
belongs to me.”1
The deluge
of inner ecstasy

Seek—and you shall
be sought.
Be consumed centrally.
The life and death ordeal
goes beyond the end.

The mythic quest
is a journey inside yourself.


1 The Upanishads