It is the struggle
against the negative forces
of corruption
and unethical and
immoral behaviour
which helps civilize man
and moves him
to a soaring sphere.
His flaws make him human—
not divine.
The quick fix for enlightenment
is an easy path
of excitement and distraction.
It is not the real struggle search.
There are no cheap thrills.
When you look for and stop at—
the means—
that is a dead end.

Look not with a vacuous eye
at the spin of the dervish
or the sea of serendipidity
recaptured and recycled
by the waves of time.
Prepare to read between
the lines of secret messages.
Learn to suppress the ego
and the personality
to experience truth.
Worship no idols.
For veneration—
look inside yourself.

It is knowing—not knowledge.
Insight—not tuition.
A state of grace and purity.
Love truth.
Acknowledge and explain yourself.
Admit weak and selfish faults.
Begin the quest
for the successive stages of the human soul,
in search of perfection.
I possess nothing—
nor am I possessed by anything.
I have perfect freedom.

Peel away the layers as in an onion.
And watch the tears drop
onto the pages of revelation.
Be puzzled by the challenge.
Translate the mystical.
Recognize the arcane game.
Read the obscure reference.
Decipher the cryptogram.
Search with an enigmatic smile.
Consume yourself like a candle
to shed more light.
You have something—
and want more.
You have nothing—
and desire nothing.
Then you may mingle with the angels.

Rise to an elevated state.
Transcend thought and feeling.
Go past aesthetics.
Gain reality
beyond the boundaries
of knowledge.
Move the veil from your ear
and listen to the clarity.
The distilled wisdom
which crystallizes
from all solutions.
Witness theophany.
Mystically Attain.

The teacher says—
look not to me for answers—
search inside yourself.
Do you seek
opportunity or truth?
Information or real intellect?
The path is fragmented
with the cracked footsteps
of those who have trodden in vain.
Forget hubris.
The victor does not congratulate himself.
The victory belongs to the Divine.
You have the sin of pride
and self-congratulation.
Take down the banners—
only celebrate
justice and fairness.

Behind the screen
beneath the façade—
a hidden meaning—
only displayed to
the pure in heart.
It is inside you.
Attempt to decode the esoteric.
Those who know—will know.
You get out of it—
what is in it for you.
I have knocked on
the doors of perception—
and the echoes
of my blows
sound to infinity.

Movement and music
are partial enlightenment.
The ecstasy journey continues—
the quiet exercise pursues reality
but does not catch it.
Climb a ladder of incidents
to reach the higher self
and stray among the stars.
Recognize their place
be receptive to the light.
See the complexity of simplicity
and the simplicity of complexity.
Our origin is the timelessness
and placelessness
of other worlds.
Communicate the being of—to be.
Cut the laser beam
and stop the speed of light.
Search for the vanished soul.
Find the numinous.

Trapped in perseverance
misaligned in a quest.
Experience is a competent teacher.
The vehicle of wisdom
steers you past obstacles.
Recorded in the mind
but felt in the heart.
On a road to bliss
and blessedness.
Play hide-and-seek
on a pursuit path to peace.

In the masquerade
beware of being
distracted by the feeling
and side tracked by the emotion.
Appearances are deceptive.
There is movement
in an inward kingdom
disguised to avoid hindrance.
The ageless wisdom
is sown in the hearts of men.

To see is to believe—but the eye
is not the interpreter of sight.
Put aside the intellect
accept observe and understand.
There is a roundabout
of seeking the truth
and the truth
seeking the seeker.
Spiral from the circle
towards the higher plane.
Attain with the Masters.