The covenant of sacrifice—
the external ritual moves
to an internal
and sacred place.
A thousand eyes
and a million spies.
Fate makes us accountable
for a law we do not know.

The adjectives are overused—
there is one god
with many faces.
Conceptual instability.
Amalgamate not eliminate.
In the circle
there is no beginning
and no end.

The god chanted
the first three syllables
and the world
was made manifest—
sky, earth and sea
and the word was god.
Aum—the universal sound.

The universal witness
sees everything—
and the spider goddess
spins the world
where space and time
are an illusion.
The primal seed
the spiritual germ
the creative energy that binds them
and the silken thread which holds them.

The identity of indiscernibles.
Truth is the world’s order.
Where is the knower
and the known?
Know thyself.

Stuck in a karmic cul-de-sac.
Still the waters of the mind.
Journey inward.
Start the renunciation ritual
and climb the steep
learning curve
with purity of being
and lack of desire.
Calm the mind.
Banish the ego
and strive towards
the one light
through the chakra passage.

“The world is as if a dream”1
What is an illusion?
What is a dream?
All is one.
Atman is Brahman.
The soul gasps
as it attains
the higher self.


1 The Upanishads