Death Moment

The chilled breeze falls
from the wings of the
Angel of Death
who has kissed the
mouth of the corpse
with a lethal caress.
The last breath
has left the body
like the final sigh
from a day’s labour.

The soul passes
to a new dimension
and a passage
has been made
to the abyss within
as the last final vocal
calls the god’s name.

The instant sudden
shock sensation.
The final feeling
of the body’s empty shell.
The deepest of sleeps.
Morpheus’ melody
accompanies the soul
to the clear light of truth
in the void
travelling to the astral plane.

Snipping the sutratma.1
Changing the vibration—
loosen to the final pull
and the last call
in the act of conscious dying.

A transcendent intellect.
The rainbow surrounds
the golden sun
and heavenly sounds
accompany another level
as the soul climbs
a ladder to
the higher self.

1 The thread of life.