There are currents of forces
that I cannot comprehend.
The cold waters of stark reason
or the warm seas of mysticism
or the pure voice of spirituality—
where is my destined anchorage?

Science may describe
the laws of the cosmos
but it will never conceive
the purpose behind them.

The stigmatized doubts
of creed and doctrine
bleeding religion and theology
into a liquid state
which pours into
a mould of denomination.
Unmalleable in the fires of reason,
a basic form
of unquestioning faith.
Infernal infallibility.

The mysterious reverence
of emotional reaction
to Earth’s beauty.
Rare moments of visuals
gazing at the mountains
and stars.
The quick rush of love.
The pity for the miserable.
The release from material things.
The spiritual elevation and evolution
untaught and instinctive.
of the spirit.

There is an orderly purpose
in the harmonious operation
of eternal laws.
There is an unsatisfaction
in naked reason.
A preference for
the subconscious streak
of mysticism.

The highest essence
of religious experience
is a feeling of
helpless reverence.