Smocks and shimmies
devil’s garter and devil’s guts
hellweed and strangleweed.

The bindweed stem winds its way
through the strangled tangled hedgerow
and coils and spirals
the green noose upwards
to smile at the sun
with a trumpet bloom.

The flared funnel of Convolvulus
whose white bell tube
reveals a seductive tunnel
ejaculated from a white-tipped sheath
awakened by a solar stimulus
which attracts the provocative flower.

At night, the ballgown is folded away
and waits for the day
to announce its morning glory
and grow hourly
with a withershins revolution.

Erect from the green calyx bodice,
a sheer floral chemise
with five panels of joined white silk.
A deep cup-shaped corolla proclaims its evolution.