Persian Garden

A winged lion watched the gryphon
as an astrologer gazed at
lunar and stellar mansions
and constellations
splattered their silver
over the heavens.

A garden at Ecbatana
where soft paths mapped
a dissected circle of flowerbeds
and wove a tapestry of movement
among freesias and lilies.

The fountain water splashed
and dribbled its diamond way
to the middle dimple of a rose;
and a cabochon of dew
paused on the concave contour
of a peach silk petal.

Scents of sweet tea
crystal harmonies
velvet aromas
captivating nectar.
A jungle of lemon lilac lime.
A jasmine vine
Ishtar’s shrine.
Surrounded by a wall
here is paradise.
A magic panacea from Anahita.
Flowers and water.
Fertile beauty.
Wild vervain in a solar ceremony.
Zarathustra’s blessing:
Good thoughts.
Good words.
Good deeds.