Homage to Catullus’ Poem Five

Come my love
let us look longingly
into each other’s eyes
and—“fall forever
into deep midnight.”[1]
Ringed with the colours
of Iris’ arch,
a rainbow’s reverse reflection
dissected by transparent rays
reaching through the black pupil pool
into the glazed interior of the mind’s eye.
Joined there with the soul’s reunion,
and an osmotic glance.
A concentrated and serious
expression of deep desire
that is fixed by fascination
and watched by a thousand
imaginary embraces—“basia mille”[2].

Combine, connect, unite, our psyches
to the depth of a thousand oceans
and leave behind the fool’s oblivion
of those who would curse our happiness;
and forget that the sun’s rays
do not pierce the underworld.

[1] Catullus Poem 51

[2] Catullus Poem 5