Duplessis’ Orphans

A line of bewildered children
processed in the factory
of graft and deal
by Duplessis
and the Catholic church.

Taken from orphanages
and pushed into psychiatric units
for a handful of silver.
Sold out!
Forsaken scholars.
A betrayal of innocents
by servants of Christ
for Judas grants.

Deprived of human comforts
by sadistic supervisors
who struck and sodomized
the sad empty shells
and listed their shock sessions.

The medical clerical
political collusion
sealed these children
in a collision cocoon
with no chance
of metamorphosis
and no imago freedom.

Eventually released—
shed into society
where they strayed and struggled
like purgatory puzzled refugees.
Some sought the seeming
suicide solution.

Sincere government apologies.
Heaven spare us from
political sincerity.
A September statement from
difficult situations—
but no compensation.
The survivors are suing.
Jesus wept!


Between 1940 and 1960 in Quebec, Catholic
orphanages were re-classified as psychiatric
units in order to receive more federal grants