The Constant Mind

I love, alas, I love thee.
Pierced by the golden arrow
of virtuous love
the barren glance has bloomed
and I am submerged
in sweet captivity.

My mind has been deluged
by the sabotage of Eros.
He reached for
the leaden arrow
of sensual passion
and grazed my psyche
with skewered sexuality
where the eyes say—yes
and the heart says—no.

I do not want
the one pointed plan
of the penile brain,
but the constant mind
of the true lover
who is ready to duel
with the god
of amorous desire,
and defeat
his sexual strategy.

Unbalanced by the whirlwind
of his beating wings,
I am steadied by the gaze
of my love’s face.
And I hope for the devotion
of sustained feeling
and not the erotic mission
of the fertile egg.

Rejoice, if ever you would find,
a man with a constant mind.