Between the brain and the mind
in that dark narrow space
lurks unconscious sleep.

Leaving the reality level,
a descendent slide
into subconscious layers
stealing the day’s thoughts.
Translating new scenarios.
Suspending what is known
for what is remembered,
in a fantasy setting.
Placing perception on hold
while the world is digested
and actions interpreted
for the mind’s convenience.
Files downloaded.

In sleep’s absence
insomnia rules.
A relentless churn
of anxious information.
Awakened and open stares.
Deprived and depleted,
the mind pleads zombie terms
with the brain.
An automaton request
to let go.
Damn the stream of thoughts,
pause the throbbing pain.
Snatch a ride
on the carousel
of the sleep cycle.
Slip into sweet oblivion
and banish insomnia
to the side of a pill box.

The body braced
for exhaustion
and headache pain
in servitude to
a relentless brain.
The thought dictator.
The mind’s prison guard.
Trapped in hostage isolation
and condemned to
alert awakeness.