It was doomed from day one
it wasn’t meant to happen
it shouldn’t have begun.
What fatalistic blunder
split this tree in twain?
You are my other person
we share a different brain.
It focuses understanding
a communication chain.
Intimate conversation
a chakra quest—again.
I feel a bond of knowing
a certain link of pain.
A synapse I’ve remembered
a yearning not in vain.

Oh complicated feelings
allow me to break free
I do not need a partner
I ask to be lonely!

The intimacy—solitude dichotomy.
The daimon—animus animosity.
Seek your opposite to quell the famine.
Find the spirit who will purge the anger.
But take care it doesn’t quench the flame.
For passion needs its own reward.

An inward looking mirror
a reflection of the whole
alone and introspective
is fodder for my soul!