Universal for Everyone

Although change is inevitable
it is not always for the better.
An observed turning point—
A perception crisis.

The computer may be the new mechanism
of slavery.
To use or be used?
Pascal, Babbage, Aiken,
blazed the path to ENIAC—
IBM opened the Gates to
The Road Ahead.
We are told to drive an empowered car
on the information highway.
What if we don’t drive
and don’t want to exchange
one goggle box for another?

Strapped to a chair,
tied to a screen,
eye scanning E-field radiation,
where the only intimacy is touching the keys.

Profitability is the reigning monarch
holding an orb of efficiency
and a sceptre of speed
at the free market coronation—
where consumerism is the king’s consort
and the reign of power ignores causality.
The loyal subject is a mechanical lackey
who must learn the next language
in order to survive,
and who fears the word—obsolete.

Communication corresponds,
but over communication spoils communion;
and although the Internet may be a
manifestation of the etheric web,
I need to re-establish
that I am my own information processor
and the cognition is in my brain.
The robot is not yet autonomous.

The previously hidden unknown
is visible;
and subject and object interact.
You make the rules
state the visual
touch the wildness
interpret the soul
and despise the disruption
of cosmic rhythms and values.

Free markets feed craving desires
and compulsive greed.
The corruption of desire
leads to diversion and addiction.
All is not holy.
A pessimist sees all the impossibilities—
The worst, the gloomiest, the most hopeless scenario.
I have more information than I really want or need.
There is an overloaded glut.
Download to oblivion.
The ultimate high is the dialogue with yourself—
commit there.
To be in control you must let go.
Attitude is multiversal.