The View

I have observed with Rhea
the curved evolution of a bloom
while she mourned her children
and wept behind her veil.

We have the same view
from different windows
and a different view
from the same windows.
Enslaved by our environment
we break the shell
of understanding
and liberate
the suffered silence.

We look from the outside in
and from the inside out
and see the incandescence
of existence and being.

Go back to the source
of the glazed vision
and enter through
the incarnate door
knowing that you know.

Think immaculate,
still, and quiet thoughts
in an open mind
and be illuminated humankind.
Reflect on the nothingness
or the fullness of everything.
See and be seen.
Contemplate freedom or destiny.

Push your concepts
through the sieve of time
and allow the invisible helper
to catch the sobbed drops.

Arrest your mind.
Be awestruck.
Do not get trapped
in the eternal present
with no past
and no future.

Revel in the spellbound scene.
Be Rhea’s faithful messenger.
Resurrect her children
and surround the mother of the gods
with beauty hope and light.