Coffee Shop

The daily shot of a cup of caffeine
or the lighter note of a cup of tea,
the enticing smell of the coffee bean
and voices raised in strange harmony.

Conversations are mixed with the brew,
or others are by electronics excited.
You often hear the phrase – “how are you?”
as acquaintances are reunited.

There is the constant drone of blank chatter,
as most people want their say,
but some others do not want to natter
and just listening is their way.

Screeches and high-pitched tones that are gushy
usually mean that the women are here.
The barks and growls of men are not mushy;
shrieking for them is thought insincere.

Body language says – women not welcome,
as they want to jabber with the guys.
The women do not want to stay dumb,
but apart, when complaints from men arise.

Give us a break from all that nagging –
the boys are having a laugh and joke.
That story is a pun about shagging –
and the women are reduced to a poke.

We don’t nag, we try to point something out,
and they say that they don’t want to hear it.
Their normal voice then becomes a harsh shout,
and they accuse us of being complicit.

The men are there in their sanctuary;
the ribald stories are in mid-flow.
“This is the best one of the century.”
Should they have been home some time ago?

The guys talk of sports and scores without stopping,
the girls of makeup and fashion style.
They also talk all about shopping
and whether dressing up is worthwhile.

Women talk of the latest sex symbol;
the men already have her in their head.
Women see surgical change as a gamble
when men only focus on one part in bed.

Some of the women laugh at each sentence.
That can be an irritating style.
This fake laugh is a habit or a pretence;
It would be better just to give a smile.

Some of the men laugh out much too loud.
Is it because they have to be heard?
Or maybe it’s to be a part of the crowd?
In either case it is strangely absurd.

Men talk down to earth and straight to the point.
Women will damn you with faint praise.
Hypocrisy is male – female – joint,
but the girls have much bitchier ways.

Both sexes have people who prattle on;
it usually is a terrible bore.
Neglect to give them an invitation,
or they will burden your ears for sure.

Is coffee shop gossip the main intent?
It is most of the talk over the brew.
Two thirds of all speech is gossip’s content,
not seeming to matter whether it’s true.

And these days, some tables are silent,
as electronic toys speak or wail.
All conversation, then, is spent,
when gadget addiction does prevail.